Guideline Specialist Publications

We are pleased to welcome two new publications to our stables of magazines, ‘Practical Reptile Keeping’ and ‘Small Furry Pets’ – still under the superb editorship of David Alderton.

Coming soon…..WORLD OF PETS


This bookazine will appeal to all those with an interest in pets – which adds up to more than half of the population of the UK!  It provides fascinating insights not just into keeping pets, but why we keep them, and how we can benefit – mentally and physically – from so doing.

Remarkable stories from the world of pets are linked with trustworthy pet care advice, covering practical topics such as moving home with pets, and what you need to bear in mind when starting a new relationship with a fellow pet-owner.  You may get on really well – but how do you maximise the chances of compatibility between your pets?  The UK’s top selling pet author, David Alderton has put this publication together, ensuring that it is informative, interesting and up-to-date. It is illustrated throughout with stunning colour photography.

Small Furry Pets July/Aug issue 2017

Small Furry Pets tracks the trends, helping to provide you with the best advice whether you are seeking to acquire a small pet of this type or already have one or more. The latest insights into behaviour, nutritional needs and care typically feature in every issue.

You will find that hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, mice, chinchillas and degus are all covered regularly within the pages of this bimonthly publication, along with other more unusual small pets such as African pygmy hedgehogs and ferrets. There is always an interesting selection of general articles as well, such as interviews with those who design products for this group of pets, artists inspired by them, people working to conserve animals of this type in the wild, and those rescuing and aiming to re-home small furry pets in need. There is also expert advice available free through our Q&A pages, and why not take part in our regular competition, by sending in photos of your pets? Don’t miss out on learning more about your favourite pets and their world: benefit from our special offer saving by taking out a subscription today!

Practical Reptile Keeping June 100th Special Issue

Practical Reptile Keeping is the magazine for you! This monthly publication is full of dependable advice on caring for such creatures, drawing on the expertise of specialist contributors around the world. It will help to keep you up-to-date with new advances in the hobby, in terms of both equipment and husbandry techniques. The magazine is beautifully illustrated with stunning colour photography throughout, capturing the exotic and sometimes bizarre beauty of these creatures.

There are also informative articles about the amazing biology of members of this group, providing further invaluable insights into their care requirements too, and the latest news and research findings from around the world feature in every issue. Veterinary advice, competitions and the opportunity to see photos of your own animals in print are regularly featured in the magazine. If you want to stay in touch with everything that is happening in this exciting hobby therefore, then don’t delay: subscribe today and take advantage of our special offer.